tom cruise and katie holmes engaged?

tom cruise and katie holmes engaged?
April 28, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh the drama continues! and now another blog – d*ana’s dirt – is reporting they may be engaged – but it was from an italian newspaper (see below) – and so maybe something got ‘lost in the translation’ – if things keep progressing this quickly maybe we will see her preggers soon! enjoy the picture below courtesy of d*ana’s dirt – and thanks to poppycedes for bringing tom & katie’s latest craziness to my attention!

Rome 27-04-2005 Tom Cruise with its new fiancee Katie Holmes,an American actress, is arrives in Rome this morning (6.00am) with a private airplane from the U.S.A., and has taken a suite in the Hassler Hotel, the same Hotel of the last vacation of love with Penelope Cruz before theirs split. Tom has made to find in the suite, an enormous bunch of red roses and a ring for its Katie. The brace is only exited for supper to the Piperno restaurant the same restaurant where it went with Penelope last time.