Tom Bridegroom lives on: The Christmas Song

Tom Bridegroom lives on: The Christmas Song
December 22, 2011 MICHAEL KNUDSEN
Tom Bridegroom with Coleen McMahon - The Christmas Song

Towards the end of the year, we always think about those we’ve lost, I still remember my acquaintance Tom Bridegroom, who unexpectedly passed away in May at the tender age of just 29. It’s still hard to comprehend how such a beautiful spirit could be taken from us so suddenly, I guess it’s true that God does indeed work in mysterious ways yet that doesn’t make the loss hurt any less. Back in June I attended his Los Angeles memorial service, although it was an emotionally tough day, I’m glad I was present to honor Tom’s warm spirit and support those he tragically left behind including his friends and life partner Shane Bitney Crone. Just last week Shane emailed me about Tom’s new posthumous release of The Christmas Song (featuring Coleen McMahon), I thought the song was gorgeous and reminded me of Tom’s immense talent, of course I had to feature it here on PopBytes. So this holiday season, please remember to tell all of your friends and family how much you love and appreciate them, nothing is guaranteed in life, so we all have to make each and every day count. Wherever you are Tom, we miss and love you!

LOS ANGELES (December 14, 2011) – Multi-talented and loved by all who knew him, artist Tom Bridegroom’s creative endeavors continue to reach and touch people, even more than seven months after his tragic, sudden death. Continuing to live on through his gift of music, a posthumous Christmas track from Tom has now been released, offering his heartwarming rendition of the classic, The Christmas Song, which features upcoming singing star Coleen McMahon.

At only 29 years old, Tom’s life was tragically cut short, ending his promising career in the entertainment industry. Survived by his family and life partner Shane Bitney Crone, his unexpected death broke the hearts of his numerous loved ones, who treasure the many examples of his natural talent and passions for music and entertainment that he left behind. As a singer, actor and host, he was well loved by all who knew him and renowned for his gracious, generous spirit and unyielding vivacity.

Exceptionally ambitious and dedicated, Tom injected his unique personality and driving passion into his every pursuit and explored all presented opportunities to be creatively expressive. Tom loved learning and finding ways to grow as both an artist and person, and was always motivated to be creatively stimulated and involved. Featuring the beautiful vocals of talented artist Coleen McMahon, Thomas’ newly released recording of, The Christmas Song aptly showcases his solid musical ability and devotion to the emotional experience of creating music. In the track, which Tom and Coleen recorded for the enjoyment of their friends and family, Tom’s strong vocal talent comes through with a graceful, soothing tone, providing the holiday favorite with an air of ease and inviting familiarity.

Although there is nothing that can fill the void left by Tom’s tragic passing, the many people who loved him dearly hold onto the creative gifts he left behind, knowing that Tom’s love for music and vivacious spirit lives on through his numerous projects. With the holidays upon us, it is a privilege to have the beautiful, heartfelt rendition of The Christmas Song from Tom Bridegroom, the beloved artist who is unmatched in his unique talents, compassionate heart, and one of a kind personality.

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Tom Bridegroom with Coleen McMahon - The Christmas Song