Tom Hiddleston does ‘What if Owen Wilson was Loki?’

Tom Hiddleston does ‘What if Owen Wilson was Loki?’
October 11, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Tom Hiddleston

So here’s the deal: This Sunday (and also Monday, because divorced parents = double the holidays) is Canadian Thanksgiving which means that while some people celebrate a guy who “discovered” a land that people already lived on and proceeded to commit genocide, I’ll be taking the bus from Toronto to Pointe-Claire so that I can tell my family I’m doing fine while two of my aunts argue about who was supposed to make gravy because GAWDDAMMIT SUSAN YOUR GRAVY TASTES LIKE SWAMP-ASS! GET IT TOGETHER! Anyway, here’s Tom Hiddleston doing an impression of Owen Wilson as Loki, which surprisingly works. I know, I was kind of amazed too.

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