tissues from six feet under

tissues from six feet under

oh lord – it was so appropriate today on hollywood blvd – gals dressed in cute black tee’s handing out promo packages of tissues – advertising the ‘fischer & diaz’ funeral home – it then proclaims – ‘viewings held every sunday 9pm – six feet under’ – how so fucking appropriate since i felt i was about to have a breakdown watching the show – which i personally saw as an odd beginning for the acclaimed much loved series – gosh cry me a river – nate (hottie peter krause) burying his late wife lisa (indie goddess lili taylor) (who he really wasnt into – pointed out by mr rick at work today) – with these primal moans of sadness and despair – so i grabbed a bunch of packs of tissues from the gals on the blvd today – and told them – shit you should have been here friday – i mean really it was a depressing lackluster episode…lets see what hbo has in store for us next week – im so far from giving up yet…

what else – oh yes – two days before her 40th birthday – courtney cox arquette went into labor and deliver her and hubby david – a brand new baby gal – who they called very oddly – coco – coco cox arquette – jeez she can hang out with gwynnie and get her apple on – jeez in like 20 yrs – its going to be like coc enters rehab – while the apple sex tape scandal hits – i mean i thought paris was a bizarre name – coco and apple take the cake for sure though…

popbytes kinda out for this weak monday – im just doing for love or money 2 and a preview of next action hero both on good ole nbc – but tomorrow im so stoked for the return of the brilliant joe schmo on spike tv – i hope they can pull off the satirical and oddly strange heart-warming experience from last year…popbytes out!