tina fey wants to go to there!

tina fey wants to go to there!
July 29, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

… And by ‘there’, I mean ‘Brad Pitt‘s Pants’. While Tina Fey and Brad were performing voice work for the upcoming Megamind, Tina wanted so badly to meet Brad, she would leave him notes (awwwwwwww!) and pieces of her hair ( … that’s … that’s less ‘awwww’). Apparently, we weren’t the only ones happy that he lost that stupid beard.

According to Absolute Now, she joked: “When I signed up for this movie and saw Brad was on the cast I was pretty excited. I’m pretty sure we’re going to meet at some point. I sent him over a hundred letters saying I’m pretty sure we’re going to meet. And a hundred chunks of my hair. If that’s not great then one of us is crazy! SOURCE

Well obviously, she’s never going to get him like that. As we all know, Brad has a thing for women with big lips and a small army of multi-cultured children that can, if given the opportunity, fend off an entire nation. What, you think those kids just sit around drinking Juicy-Juice all day? Hell naw. Get on it, Tina!