time to ‘detox’ with mr. simon curtis!

time to ‘detox’ with mr. simon curtis!
August 2, 2010 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everyone! back in march i featured rising pop star simon curtis and his amazing debut album 8bit heart (which he released all on his own – and gave it away for free – you can still download it if you don’t have a copy!) unfortunately i missed his first live show at the roxy (because i was over in NYC – otherwise i would have been there!) but last week i caught his second show – all acoustic style – at the mint (which is a great and intimate venue if you haven’t been!) i thought he totally kicked ass – and switched up a bunch of his songs – plus he even debuted a new track called laser guns up which has been stuck in my head – it’s really fun and hopefully i’ll be featuring here on popbytes soon! right now for your listening pleasure – check out his demo track detox below – produced with bloodshy & avant (the very same producers behind britney spears‘ massive hit toxic!) the song, written by simon, uses britney titles and lyrics – see if you can spot ’em all – and then read the lyrics after the jump! i seriously can’t wait to see who ends up signing on as simon’s manager and which record label scoops him up – it’s going to be a total score for whoever lands mr. curtis – not only is he super adorable – he’s really talented and i definitely see big things in his future! popbytes over & out – xo

listen to simon curtis’ detox »

Detox Simon Curtis

You’re up against the people

Trying to take back your music

It’s like a reclamation;

You against the heat

You gotta get in the zone, You gotta get in the zone

Not that long ago I loved nobody more

“To make you happy” baby I thought you were born

I had to watch you play around with those boys

Anticipating when you’d make some more noise

I felt so lucky to have you in my life

I look the other way as you walk on by

But everytime I see you now I deplore

Please Mona Lisa baby hit me one more time

You just get so crazy

I thought you were stronger

Oh baby baby

Can’t wait that much longer

Don’t believe it, I just don’t believe it

Said you beat it, but I don’t believe

So what

Think you need it?

I don’t think you need it

Don’t repeat it

A detox, you need it

Don’t deny it, you just don’t deny it

Try to hide it but you can’t deny

So what

Don’t defy it

You can’t justify it

Rectify it, and detoxify it

You’re up against the people

Trying to take back your music

It’s like a reclamation;

You against the heat

You gotta get in the zone,You gotta get in the zone

And if you really wanna fight it

Saddle up and hit your rhythm

Reignite it

Try to hit it

In a minute

I’m a’ take you on, I’m a’ take you on

Now I can see that just a girl you are not

Don’t let me be the last to know when you’ve thought

Bout’ where you’re gonna go before the goodbye

I try and try but I can’t get satisfied

Sometimes I feel the answer you give is poor

I’m bout to tell you don’t go knockin’ on my door