FOLKS! – the oscars are over – its march – and its been raining in LA! if you can believe it! the most rain i have seen in my almost 3 yrs here! BUT it didnt rain out the oscars – so very odd! any fallout from the oscars?? not that i cant tell – it all went according to plan – no upsets or surprises as usual – its like the most predictable show of all – not a huge fan of the globes – they seem kinda trashy – but shit – you actually get some interesting winners – and some surprises – so all you oscar voters out there – lets spice it up a bit – wouldnt have been crazy if that chick from WHALERIDER stole charlize’s thunder – oh gosh – lets have some hope! not to belittle tehron AT ALL – but it was like so decided – sundays ceremony was merely required ‘formality’.

ok i havent went on much about AMERICAN IDOL – but of course im hooked – i know it will be a girl idol for sure – i just enjoy the judges – especially the infamous SIMON – he is dead on right with every person – he is charming, sweet, and incredibly sexy – we love simon – and heck paula abdul is great – remember VIBEOLOGY? COLD HEARTED SNAKE? they are pop trash CLASSICS – FOREVER YOUR GIRL???? gosh we love paula and eagerly await her first album in YEARS – randy jackson – dog – i could take you or leave you – but yr alright – and SEACREST – shit we all know how i feel about ryan – you cant get more cute than this – we love ryan – and now he is doing 102.7 KISFM LA mornings – so i have my ryan in the morning and most nights! :)

oh lordy – did you all see last nights premiere of the ‘endless’ reality show FOREVER EDEN (see a link to the website on the right) – where contestants could be in EDEN for a few days or a few yrs – gosh lets all see how long FOX can stretch this one – with a sexy brit chick host – this show seems seemingly trashy galore – and i had fun watching these stupid people quibble over who is the LEAST DESIREABLE female on the island – and then she gets an apple that could represnt good or evil – and for poor mary episode one (lets call it the pilot for now) had to be ridden with the EVIL one – what will mary do with her apple tonight? will it bring her evil in the end?? tune into the ever entertaining FOX network 9did you see the promo for that new show with molly shannon?) – i am becoming increasingly convinced that FOX is almost a necessary 24/7 fix like an IV drip – im hooked – so bring it on!

on a quick very short note – caught LOST IN TRANSLATION and LOVED it – and i had a friend (HEY GILLIAN!) who told me there was a character based on CAMERON DIAZ – and i would ‘instantly’ know when she arrived in the movie – and shit – did i ever – dudes if you havent seen this movie – then play the game – find the character like cameron diaz – sofia must hate her guts – and after watching the movie – it all made all too much sense – dude JUSTIN – what the FUCK are you doing? and CAMERON we all KNOW why you didnt dare show yr face at the oscars…

and finally – going to see THE PASSION tomorrow night at the arclight cinemas on ivar and sunset – a 710 screening on the CINERAMA DOME – can hardly wait….