thursday’s child

thursday’s child
November 11, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh that liza – yes with a z!

oh my word! this is too wild! a former bodyguard and chaffeur to the ever crazy – but ever talented – ms. liza minelli – i still get goosebumps when i watch cabaret – she gives one of the best performances ever printed to film – pure genius! anyways she is being sued for 100 million dollars – yes you heard me right – thats wild – he claims liza forced him to have sexual relations with her – and he also claims she beat him – ok im sorry but liza forcing you to have sex and beating you seems simply ludicrous – and lorna luft said that ex-hubby weirdo david gest’s claims are due to INAD – i need attention disease – and i so believe it – leave liza alone – the poor gal has been saddled with problems left and right – she is countersuing – so you go liza! – she can do no wrong in popbytes eyes…maybe this time she’ll win…

bridget jones returns! edge of reason
new diary. same bridget. oh miss renee returns as the super lovable bridget jones – both colin firth and hugh grant return as bridget’s two main love interests – i predict this movie will be huge – and im dying to see it – the soundtrack kicks ass – and who didnt love the first go around with darling brit bridget! and i do love that renee – shes crazy – and she gained like 30 pounds for this role – and she is like a a stick again – i think my mom is to see this movie – so i will let you know what she thinks – she loved the first installment – so lets see what happens…maybe even popbytes will make it to the cinema – im still catching up on dvd’s – im about to dig into the house of sand & fog – and i have shrek 2 and dawn of the dead due to arrive on saturday – popbytes out with much love as always!