thursday updates

thursday updates
September 23, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! just wanted to give you a few tidbits to keep you fill – no worries first off – the infamous ‘you didnt hear it from me…’ newsletter will return next week – nikkib (bless her pop culture lovin’ heart) has been super busy – and she promises to be back in full force next week – she is digging up so much dirt – i may have to go to chicago to rescue her!

LOST – i loved it – it was great – jj abrams is a television god – and matthew fox (of ‘party of five’ fame) is great! and it had an odd feel to it – an almost ‘twin peaks’ vibe – with that dog – and the man with the orange slice! i cant wait to see what happens next week – i think this could be the next new best show on tv…

MARTHA STEWART is now in talks with mark burnett for her very own reality show – we would all so watch that – so bring it! and when she does enter jail – popbytes will do a count for the number of days martha is in jail – so you know you can always check in to see how much time martha has been in the slammer – so will keep you all up to date on that

MRS FEDERLINE AKA BRITNEY im sure some you may have noticed but i just launched the britney and kevin countdown to trouble – just like i have for that lopez lady – and now all this drama swirling around the legality of their marriage – whatever – im so done thinking about it – just keep your eye on the clock…tick tock…tick tock…

ok im going to run – but please come back very soon – im doing ‘popbit fridays’ where i will give you all a sampling of the smorgasboard there is to be had for all things pop – and dont forget ‘lazy thoughts on a sunday’ – much love and goodwill to all – popbytes out!