thursday update

thursday update
October 28, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids – whats shaking? (except yr nerves from this ultra-close election…) not too much here – getting ready to catch survivor 9 and the apprentice 2 – one of my dear friends from high school ms. dana – will hopefully be posting a bit on the apprentice tomorrow! sometimes popbytes is so busy its good to have help! and one of my dear friends melissa (shes a super pool queen! and ultra cool!) spotted hottie kiefer sutherland at the hollywood billiards – so we hear that kiefer is a pool hall junkie! so i told melissa next time i want pictures!

first off wanted to send a get well super soon wish to one of my fave ladies – julia roberts – in case you live under a rock – she was hospitalized due to early contractions from her twins (a boy and a girl) that are due in january – she is to be off her feet until the babes arrive – wonder if she will do any press at all for closer (with popbytes hottie jude law) and oceans 12 which are both coming out soon…

lindsay lohan – get well honey – she was in the hospital too from a fever – maybe its those fake boobies that are causing the drama – sorry popbytes stands on the side of them being fake – they are too perfect – her boyfriend wilmer valdarama (of that 70’s show) must love to play with the twins – fake or not!

the simple life 3 – oh my gals paris hilton and nicole richie just started taping the third season of their super fun and wild reality show for FOX – this time paris and best friend nicole start in the northeast – and this time they are travelling by greyhound bus – so that in itself should be quite interesting and saucy!

boston legal – i only mentioned this show briefly – but i will tell you popbytes loves it! still mourning the practice popbytes has taken solace in the spin-off that features james spader and legend william shatner (who lady lora saw at the ben folds five concert here in los angeles – he sang a song with the band!) – boston legal is quite far from being realistic (at all!) but its such fun! so please after desperate housewives keep those pop eyes open for boston legal which airs right after!