thursday pop blues

thursday pop blues
October 6, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! after all the zaniness yesterday – today feels boring – it just feels depressing today – i’m like what to post on? so i just thought to toss some pop rants out there for now…sorry if i am a bit cranky! (or as lady lora might call me – cranky crankerson)

the whole tomkitty situation (thanks to my friends at celebrity-babies.com for the new nickname!)

everyone is thoroughly freaked out – i was just thinking the other day – we hadn’t heard from tom & ‘kate’ in a while – it was like they had their movies out (war of worlds, and batman begins) – and then the couple doth vanished – but of course they couldn’t stay away too long – it would ruin ‘some sick master plan’ – and now boom – here they are and now she is pregnant – by him or by injection – we may never know – i wonder if they will now do a quickie wedding or wait until tomkitty is born?

oh that lindsay lohan

that accident of hers was just so overblown – it was like insane – you would have thought it was the second coming of christ in beverly hills – i just think she is just a dumb bitch – but i will say that guy shouldn’t have made an illegal u-turn – i know that street well – and it’s oh so tight to do a u-turn in a van – in the end i’m sure he will make out nicely from this whole thing – he said he was fine but ‘his neck was sore’ – that’s the first thing i would say too – but really people she isn’t that great – i’m so sick of her – maybe next time she will drive off a cliff…i don’t actually wish any ill harm – but she just bores me…she still has disney written all over her – will be very interesting to see in the coming years if she floats or sinks

the ad conceptor

thanks to mr. frank over at !! omg blog !! – i had the best time at work with this nifty little site called the ad conceptor – it’s really funny – and addicting – i tried almost every combination – i swear once you see one ad concepted of your choice – you will do a few more – i had the whole gang at the office into it – so do check that out…

that darned bird flu

ok so i keep hearing about some big crazy ass flu that could strike and kill MILLIONS of people – so i am trying not to read or hear too much about it because it is so freaking me out! i can get easily panicked – so for now – i’m just not gonna think about it – will someone tell me when to worry please? one less stress for me – and now i just found a blog all about the bird flu! oh the good times keep on rolling (or shall i saw flying?) yikes! i’m gonna sleep with the blanket over my head – scary!

ok i’m outtie for now – will try to muster up something later! something fun and not so serious…xxoo