three wishes tonight!

three wishes tonight!
September 23, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

…ok so now i am all calmed down (gosh i got so fired up last night about the ‘dancing with the stars’ dance-off) – and looking forward to what looks like a tearjerker show tonight three wishes – ok so i am not a huge amy grant fan (sorry christian music just ain’t my thing…) BUT the show looks like it will be a perfect fit for friday night (it looks like a mix of ‘touched by an angel’ and ‘extreme home makoever’) – it’s all about helping people and making wishes come true – it’s been a really rough few weeks for a lot of people – so this is exactly the kind of good energy thing i need…a little red wine + three wishes = a good popbytes cry – i’m out for now…hugs & kisses to all!

Individuals, families and even entire cities are affected as Grant and her team move from town to town, witnessing firsthand the extraordinary consequences of their wish-granting and the powerful spirit of community that often helps fuel their missions to make dreams large and small come true.

From simple and light-hearted to more dramatic and involved, the broad spectrum of wishes range from paying tribute to an unsung hero to helping a family grappling with a loved one’s life-threatening medical crisis to honoring a high school coach by making her heartfelt wish for her students come true. Viewers will follow the deeply personal and uplifting stories of deserving people as their hopes and dreams are transformed into life-changing reality.