those jackson jurors – idiots!

those jackson jurors – idiots!
August 9, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh boys & girls – you know the phrase too little too late well let’s all apply it to these idiots (eleanor cook & ray hultman) who are now coming forward (it’s been two months people) saying they regret their decisions and that michael jackson is indeed guilty (boo-hoo cry me a fucking river) – oh well – you both had your say two months ago so let’s not bullshit each other – not that i am in love with michael jackson – and this post is no way an endorsement for him – but obviously these two losers are out for $$$ – with interviews and book deals galore – what a bunch of dumb asses – seriously – i am done with this – so very done – and the sight of these two idiots crying foul and regret – is a big load of crap – get over it – again it’s all too little too late so let’s just drop it and fucking move on – i am done with them! popbytes out for now…

ps phew i do feel better now – those people were getting on my very last reserve of nerves – and right now i’m quite in low supply with nerves as i think most of us are! so i apologize now if i seem snappy as of late…