this sign is for you nicole richie!

this sign is for you nicole richie!
December 11, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh that nicole richie found herself in a bit of trouble! she was arrested early monday morning for DUI – she was booked around 4:50am and was later let out around 7:15am – and now we know her official weight…she stands at 5’1″ at a mere 85lbs! (check out the proof) yet i’ll say that her mug shot is one of the better ones we’ve seen recently (that rip torn one – oh lordy!)

although drinking & driving is a terrible thing (thank heavens there was no accident or injuries) the worst part of it all is that she was going in the wrong direction on the 134 freeway here in los angeles – whoa! (listen to the 911 recording of the motorists who called in that ‘someone’ aka nicole was driving the wrong way) oh my word – for those of you who have driven that stretch of highway – people go mad fast and that’s the last place you’d want to find yourself heading the wrong way!

in the end it turns out she wasn’t drunk at all but admitted to popping good time painkiller vicodin pills and smoked some fresh ganja…gosh if she had any drinks with those two items she would have surely passed out somewhere! hopefully nicole learned her lesson…at least she was described by police as very cooperative and very humble! what a way to kick-off the week! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!