this is believable …

this is believable …
July 23, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

So That Tequila Bitch was out doing whatever exactly it is she does for money (I’m guessing it involves ping-pong balls, a fish tank and crystal meth) when something something something and then she won the lottery. Believe me, considering that pretty much everything she says ranks somewhere between total bullshit and outright lying, this is pretty much all the info you’ll get …

OmG!! After a long horrible day missing all flights, I bought lottery tickets and won 40 bucks and another: 5 star trip to Turkey for 2! OMG

Whoaaa I can’t believe I just fucking won the lottery!!!! Wtf this is so surreal! I didn’t think this shit was real! I won the lottery!!

All I know is this is my karma! I work so hard, care about people so much, and always keep my head up! Now I hit it big w 3 lottery tickets!

The big money prize I won is crazy! I feel like I’m dreaming? This better not be a prank?? Omg imma call my best friend! SOURCE – TILA’S TWITTER

Alright, so there are two possible outcomes for this: The first is that Tila is lying as per usual and we can all go back to not caring. The other is that she actually did win the lottery and there is no such thing as a loving God. Yeah, I’m leaning towards that first one too. Enjoy your fake lotto winnings!