They want to name the street Paul Walker died on after him

They want to name the street Paul Walker died on after him
December 23, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Paul Walker

In today’s “bad ideas with presumably good intentions”, apparently someone is trying to rename the street Paul Walker crashed his car on to his name. Which is kind of sweet, until you realize the street will essentially be named after someone dying a horrific death in the prime of their life, which … really doesn’t translate too well on a map. TMZ reports …

A petition with several thousand signatures has been circulating online — asking the city of Santa Clarita to change the street’s name to “Walker Rodas Memorial Parkway.” Here’s the problem … most residents are saying no way … because Paul did nothing for the community. Regardless … the petition has managed to rack up almost 2K signatures … and counting. City councilman TimBen Boydston tells TMZ … the street can only be renamed with support of the community … so it seems like a pipe dream.

I get the meaning behind it — they want to memorialize Paul! That’s sweet — but it’s just something a little dark to be dwelling on. If you want to properly remember him, donate to his charity, Reach Out World Wide. It was something he worked hard on, and a much better legacy than how he died.

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