There isn’t going to be a ‘Friends’ reunion … yet

There isn’t going to be a ‘Friends’ reunion … yet
April 17, 2013 JEREMY FEIST


Yesterday, Facebook decided to explode every which way it could with the news that there was allegedly going to be a Friends reunion on Thanksgiving in 2014. Because if there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s sh!t from the 90’s that white people watched. Well, sorry to break it to you but it’s not happening everyone. [Insert sad trombone noise here.] Via HuffPo

Reports claimed that NBC confirmed a revival of the popular sitcom and it seems like the rumors started with KHITS, a radio station based in Tulsa, OK. On Sunday, April 7, KHITS posted an image with the iconic orange couch from Central Perk that reads, “Friends. The One With The Reunion. Thanksgiving 2014” with the caption, “This is the best Sunday news, evar [sic]!” Warner Bros confirmed to The Huffington Post that there will be no Friends reunion.

So basically, if a massive news report originates from a radio station in Oklahoma, chances are it’s not true. Your first clue probably should have been the fact that it’s a radio station in Oklahoma. Seriously, do you think they have some secret insider working for them high up in 30 Rock? Girl no.