there’s a new stoplight in town!

there’s a new stoplight in town!
December 1, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening y’all! this is a very local post to los angeles but i’m quite sure everyone understands having to deal with a shitty intersection! ever since i moved here from back east – there has always been one zany intersection that drives me absolutely nuts and seemed to be the perfect breeding ground for a nasty accident!

when you’re going north on cahuenga – out of hollywood and towards the valley – as you round a corner on the ‘cahuenga pass’ – it intersects with odin (plus there’s exits from the 101 freeway) it’s hard to explain but basically you’re driving on a street with two lanes – the people coming from the other street don’t have to stop – they just drive right into a new third lane – yet if you haven’t driven there before you would assume that you have to stop which causes weird confusion plus people drive pretty fast around that corner – when you’re heading back towards hollywood – the same drama occurs – not good times!

so earlier this afternoon i was heading over towards burbank (to pick up a dresser at ikea which of course was a pain in the ass piecing it all together – i kept calling it a ‘mess in a box’ but it finally came together!) so there was work being done at that intersection clogging up traffic – when i came back – i realized they were putting in stoplights – which totally made my day! if there was one place where a stoplight was needed around these parts (besides britney spears‘ driveway) that was top priority in my mind – i was all ‘i need to post this to popbytes’ oh happy day – it’s the simple joys in life that makes it all worthwhile! if you’ve driven through the section i’m talking about (there’s a map located below) i’m positive you’ll be just as thrilled as i am!

i hope everyone is having a terrific weekend – i’m resting up for the week ahead – i’ve got not one but two nights of seeing spice girls – i decided to go both wednesday & friday night – i’ll be in total spice overload! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!