The Wookie Kardashian pissed off everyone!

The Wookie Kardashian pissed off everyone!
December 7, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Like most people, Khloé Kardashian isn’t a big fan of TSA’s new pat down policies. However, unlike most people, Khloé has a crappy book to pimp out, so she decided to go on Lopez Tonight and said the TSA was essentially raping people. Yeah, guess who didn’t like that?

Jazmin Robles a community education coordinator with the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center, told RadarOnline.com that Khloé needs to be educated. “I think it was an ill-informed thing for her to say, ” Robles said. “It was a very strong comment to make because rape is defined as ‘forceful penetration’ and a lot of young women look up to celebrities like the Kardashians. SOURCE

Ummm … yeah, anyone else here completely unsurprised by this? I mean gosh, you’re telling me the girl who talks about slathering mayo on her poussoire wouldn’t have any problems with comparing an inappropriate practice to an unspeakable crime? Get outta town.