the wisdom of courtney love …

the wisdom of courtney love …

check out my darling miss courtney love bringin’ the crazy! she tells her incredibly insane story for the very first time in a special two-hour event … BEHIND THE MUSIC: COURTNEY LOVE … premieres this coming monday, june 21 at 8pm – only on VH1! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

Behind the Music: Courtney Love tells the epic story of the rock star, actress and mother that begins with her troubled upbringing in foster homes and juvenile hall. An emancipated minor, she turned to stripping, and found an outlet for her anger in rock ‘n roll, dabbling in pills and heroin. After a brief affair with acting, landing parts in Sid and Nancy and Straight to Hell, she started the band Hole. They became darlings of the underground, led by her fierce vocals and bold posturing. When she married tortured rock star Kurt Cobain, her rock fairy tale spiraled into a dark, drug-fueled tragedy. His suicide left her a widowed mother, and she took the brunt of the blame. Everyone predicted she would self-destruct. Instead, Courtney did the unexpected, transforming herself from grunge icon into glamorous starlet, launching a critically-acclaimed acting career that only she had predicted. Always her own worst enemy, Courtney Love spiraled into a devastating addiction that left her in financial ruin. Now she’s found her way out, releasing a new album that tells the story, Nobody’s Daughter. She lives for her only daughter, Frances Bean, and has repeatedly faced the heartbreak of losing her to the custody of family. Courtney Love is the most controversial, reviled and riveting rock star in the world, and in this special Behind the Music tells her wild, heartbreaking story with in-depth interviews with close friends, family, and colleagues, along with the audition tapes for Sid and Nancy, and rare photos and home movies documenting her life with Kurt Cobain.