the wife swap

the wife swap

ok so i just had to do a mini posting on this – in the fall abc has a new reality show – yes hold yr breath – the wife swap – ok details are vague – but here is what i know – its a show where a ‘moms’ swap households for two weeks – now here is where the grey begins – what chores will the ‘moms’ have to do?? do i smell something naughty? with a name like the wife swap who knows – altho abc said it would be a family themed show – it did garner a ‘late-night’ 10pm slot – which makes me wonder why did judging amy get a 10pm slot? its so much more like the 8pm providence crowd – i still claim amy is one of the best shows on tv these days – anyways lets all see what the wife swap holds for us…only time will tell!

ok on another complete unrelated item – days of our lives what will turn out to be the biggest twist in may? well this is all i know – all ten victims (including jen aniston’s real life dad ‘victor’) are coming back (im glad its all ten instead of mix and match) – it turns out (now details of how this will all actually go down are super vague) that all victims of marlenas rampage were clones – and the reason doc played by soap veteran deidre hall (remember our house with wilford brimley – pre bitch yrs shannon doherty and queer boy chad hall) was on her murdering spree was to get to the bottom of where the real people were being held – apparently on an island – that contains a replica of salem – ok all of this sounds supremely strange but this is daytime – and not only has days secured their highest ratings in years – they also landed a whole article in my personal bible entertainment weekly – the best mag ever – so only time will fill in all the details of this serial killer marlena – clone madness – but i will say one thing if roman is really alive – then kate (my fave character by far) can finally be happy – but will the real roman be in love with kate as the supposed clone – oh gosh its like a vicious circle – like a cat chasing its daytime tail

but with nbc renewing days of our lives until 2009 – im all set – a devote fan since lets call it 92-93ish (only after i was devastated by the demise of the brilliant soap – that i saw from beginning to end santa barbara) – on a another note i do love the actual town of SB – its just one of those places – but in an odd way i think i love it more thinking of people like eden and cruz – oh gina – mason – julia (played by the awesome nancy grahn) – anyways i love days – i will watch it till i cant no more – either stopped by mortality or nbc – i love do love soaps (of course i caught the daytime emmys last friday) – they dont end (ok some do – gosh remember capitol) – so i like soaps for their ‘count on it’ every week day factor – unlike other shows that end (ie twin peaks) – and i did take an actual class in college on the whole soap scenario & theory of the format – and i have had some fun & cool encounters with a few soap stars – including katie and simon (and georgia) from as the world turns (my awesome mom’s main soap – altho she does admit to dabbling in the what i think is too short (30 mins) the bold and the beautiful) and carrie from days! – ok im on a roll now – popbytes out!