the weekend!

the weekend!

hey kiddies – its been a wild few days – jessica on ryan – me and heidi – it couldnt get any better – and it just again confirms that i do indeed belong in this city – ok nyc does have a slight edge – but la has everything that i love and cherish – i just love hollywood to the core – popbytes has been only going about nine months – and its starting to catch on – traffic has been great – and if i dont post i feel so guilty – i have a public now that i must keep on feeding – i wonder where popbytes will be in nine more months – well it will be still rocking on much harder than now – when i get into something there is no stopping me (i am a capricorn – and so is latoya london – we rock) – i havent made a drop of money from this site – but it just all feels so good and right – and in my twilight years i can look back on the site (did you know that you can now register your domain name (like popbytes.com) for 100 yrs – i will be long gone – but i will still be a website owner – i just need to find that perfect person to carry on with popbytes – but thats a long time away…but anyways i updated the site in many ways – most wont notice – but i know what i did! check out the links on the right – i added links for upcoming movies – and i added dates too!

whats going on this weekened – well 3 things –

1 – new SNL with hosts mary-kate and ashley olsen with musical guest j-kwon

2 – the practice comes to an end after eight years tomorrow night – expect some sorta practice tribute tomorrow – screw friends – screw frasier – the practice is done! :(

3 – cbs is airing helter skelter tomorrow night – a movie on crazy ole charlie manson – must tape this while weeping over the demise of the practice