The Twitter zombies have risen!

The Twitter zombies have risen!
December 7, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Good news for Usher (you goddamn douchebag)! Despite the fact that yesterday morning, the amount of money raised by celebrities for the Keep A Child Alive foundation was a mere $300,000, it looks like they were bailed out last night by pharmaceutical mogul Stewart Rahr, which means we can all go back to reading Kim Kardashian‘s corporate-approved tweets about which products she’s being paid to like today.

TMZ has learned pharmaceutical mogul Stewart Rahr donated roughly $500,000 earlier today to the Digital Death campaign which benefits the Keep a Child Alive organization. Rahr’s donation freed up scores of celebs who pledged to go silent on their social media sites until the group raised $1 million. SOURCE

To be honest? I’d like to extend a deep and entirely honest thanks to Rahr for being as generous as he was and helping out kids who desperately need support. That being said, you fool! You have unleashed Kim back onto the internet! Do you not realize what you have done? You have doomed us all, I say! DOOOOOOOOOOOMED (but seriously, thank you)!