the tripper’s los angeles premiere

the tripper’s los angeles premiere
April 12, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! i said i’d post a little bit on last night’s premiere of the new david arquette horror flick the tripper which i was able to attend along with my pal sam! we met up near the hollywood forever cemetary (which hosts a summertime screening series as well) i made sure to wear a few layers since i’m battling a small cold and i knew it would end up being freezing there – and oh my gosh i was totally right! (heat lamps were present but not nearly enough – i’m always cold though!)

since we decided to park nearby we had to walk in and who did we see right away with the window rolled down looking gorgeous? oh yes patrica arquette being driven in by a bodyguard – her hubby thomas jayne was also there (he stars in the film as well) i totally wanted to go to the screening since i adore the whole clan (oh yes ms. alexis was there) and i knew it’d be an overall cool set-up – there was a big grass lawn (empty – ie no graves) where the screening took place – filled with bean bags, tables, couches, and blankets – plenty of places to sit – tons of food to munch on (including in & out burger!) plus all the drinks anyone might need (i just settled for water & redbull – in honor of lindsay lohan!)

i would have loved to taken a bunch of pics but i wasn’t covering the event – i suppose it’s more fun to be a guest but i know how you all love pics – i did what i could below! if you look closely i did manage to snap courteney cox-arquette but although pal jennifer aniston was in attendance she didn’t walk the red carpet! (she didn’t need the drama) as the sun went completely down it was really dark – we could barely see anyone – so i can’t really tell you who was all there except the main folks involved in the film (including paul reubens who is one of my favorite people ever!)

the film was projected against a huge white wall – with the backdrop of large palm trees and being surrounded by graves (plus ‘killer’ sound) it became the perfect setting for the tripper! (it almost had a drive-in feel) the movie is what it is – silly & campy – gruesome & bloody – it’s fun and semi-clever but i really can’t rave about it but i do think mr. arquette is way talented and i’m sure we’ll be seeing more from his ‘twisted mind’!

sam and i grew so cold & cranky near the end we had to jet out of there and since the carpet was empty – we snapped some pics of each other (yes it was bit nerdy but why not?!?) carefully we made our way on a small street in the dark through the graves and by that point i became a bit spooked and was super glad to be out of there! the film opens next friday (4/20) and please make sure to check out their myspace page for a bunch more information on the film! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS for a bunch of the official red carpet & candid pictures make sure to check out popsugar!

The Tripper Official Trailer

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