the riches premieres tonight on FX!

the riches premieres tonight on FX!
March 12, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey y’all! a few weeks ago i mentioned my excitement over the brand new FX series entitled the riches – well tonight is the big premiere of the drama (served up with a nice side of comedy) starring eddie izzard & minnie driver – i had the pleasure to preview the first three episodes for review on popbytes and i think it’s quite well done with a ton of potential to be a breakout hit! the main focus of the show starts with the ‘malloys’ – a scamming ‘gypsy’ family who find themselves handed the chance to pull off their biggest coup yet – taking over the life of family who is new to town – and since nobody met the ‘rich’ family – the groundwork is set for the perfect scam to take place…

now i hate to compare it to dirt but i can’t help myself since they’re on the same network and i heavily promoted courteney cox-arquette‘s stab at the gossip / tabloid world which is fairly decent but overall feels really gimmicky and kinda falls flat unlike the riches which is much more carefully layered with long term possibilities – the main plot is very intriguing but there’s also plenty of opportunity for the show to focus and explore some of the interesting secondary characters!

the main characters of the ‘malloy’ family headed up by mr. izzard & ms. driver are both amazing and really give this show an incredible foundation to build upon! i’d highly urge you to tune in tonight to the premiere of the riches (monday nights are usually pretty shitty for TV but not anymore…) i’ve also posted a four minute preview of the show to get you pumped! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PHOTO CREDITS – Prashant Gupta/FX & Frank Micelotta/FOX