the q guide to soap operas

the q guide to soap operas
September 22, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! y’all know i’m a huge soap opera fan – i’ve watched a number of shows through the years and currently i still watch days of our lives (which is actually getting a drop better thanks to a new head writer) well i’ve recently stumbled upon cutie daniel r. coleridge‘s daily dish on soaps over on TV guide which is chock full of the latest & greatest happenings in soap land – plus he just wrote a book called the q guide to soap operas which features stuff you didn’t even know but wanted to know…about divas, hunks, and the best kept closets in daytime

the closet door has been a lot more open lately on daytime tv especially with the whole as the world turns storyline that had lily’s adorable son luke coming out of the closet – and is even covered in the book along with plenty of cool tidbits & facts like…did you know that famed playwright/author/drag artist charles busch
played a woman (not a man in drag, an actual woman) on ABC’s one life to live? his character was a modeling-agency mogul
called ‘peg barlow’ – there’s even an entire chapter devoted to busch’s
hilarious first-person account of his brief dip in the daytime suds…i barely have time to sleep – forget about reading – but this one is a fun one and a must-read for soap fans! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!