the pipettes & their ‘pull shapes’

the pipettes & their ‘pull shapes’
January 29, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning! today popbytes is going just a drop retro! i’ve already had my pals graham & victoria tell me that i’d totally dig the pipettes – a group composed of three brighton UK gals who throw things back a bit with a modern twist (think phil spector & the ronettes kinda vibe) once i heard they’d be opening (and starting their US invasion) for my darling amy winehouse on march 13th at NYC’s bowery ballroom – i knew i’d better get on the ball and give their debut album a listen titled we are the pipettes (released this past july…only in the UK)

it’s totally kitschy/campy and super fun plus once i saw the video for the song pull shapes posted below – i was sold! who knows what it is about the UK but gosh these past few months i’ve been obsessed with some of the music coming out of there…makes me think a stint in jolly ol’ london might not be too bad! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

» listen to the pipettes’ pull shapes (.mp3 4mb)