The Love is back in Berlin!

The Love is back in Berlin!

hey! so today (july 15th) was the return of berlin’s infamous love parade after a three year hiatus – an estimated half a million people gathered in the streets to dance their asses off all day & night!

so i just got back a little while ago from the beach – oh i had a lot of fun! it was very hot and the water was awesome but we took a different route to our spot which involved a very steep climb down and then up a crumbling cliff with a super narrow trail plus i was carrying a bunch of stuff but i managed to survive – probably the first & last time for that route! gosh i’m so beat – i will check you all laters or tomorrow…popbytes over & out – xxoo!

A day like this could possibly change your life … the peak of summer in Germany, the Zoo is plush green and hundreds of thousands have come with you to celebrate the music that means so much to you for a whole day. It is 15 July 2006 in Berlin, it’s the Love Parade – and you’re right in the middle of it. You’re right in the middle of a sea of people being carried over the asphalt by the heavy beats from the loud-speaker towers of the floats. You look up at the sky and the big star is shining with these colourful party people from all over the world, with the unique sound of their joy, the power of this coming together. Everywhere there are ecstatic movements, relentless rhythms, connecting glances. And over and over again, you experience quiet moments of unification in the midst of this fascinating craziness. This variety, this sound renders you speechless. It really goes right into you. A magic spiral of music, vibration and energy turns round endlessly, connecting people. By evening it will have magically transformed everything. The Love Is Back!