the lost room begins tonight!

the lost room begins tonight!
December 11, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh good evening everyone! i really wanted to mention this and i almost forget – yes i’ve got about a million thoughts & ideas running through my head at any given time! anyways make sure to tune in tonight to the lost room which is a brand new spooky mini-series airing over on the scifi channel! tonight the first part airs, the show continues tomorrow evening, and concludes on wednesday night! one of the main reasons to watch is super sexy actor peter krause who played nate fisher on our beloved (but now sadly deceased) six feet under! i’ve already screened the first episode and i’ll for sure be sticking around to see how it all comes to an end! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

In the 1960s, there still were hundreds of motels with thousands of rooms along Route 66 as it twisted its way from Chicago to L.A. and back. None of them stood out from the rest until one day when some unknown event at the Sunshine Motel transformed ordinary things into items of wonder.

Room 10 of the Sunshine Motel and many of its mundane contents – a pair of scissors, a comb and so on – gained unique and inexplicable properties on that day, transforming them from ordinary objects into indestructible Objects.

The Scissors can turn and rotate any item in three dimensions. The Comb stops time for 10 seconds when you run it through your hair. The Eyeglasses inhibit all combustion in a 20-foot radius. The Room itself is an unchanging haven and a portal to any destination. But it can also take that which you value more than your own life.

To possess an Object is to possess its power…READ MORE