‘The L Word’ kicks off again!

‘The L Word’ kicks off again!
January 6, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! i wanted to bring your attention to one of my favorite sassy & soapy series the L word which premieres tonight with the kick-off of season #5! last weekend i got all caught up on season #4 – i watched six episodes in a row – i literally couldn’t turn it off – plus i watched a few of the new season – i’m completely hooked! the storylines and characters are engaging (with awesome actresses such as pam grier, jennifer beals, marlee matlin, cybill shepherd, and mia kirshner) i was surprised when i became such a big fan of the show – i didn’t think it would be my type of show but i was so wrong – i need to go back and watch the first three seasons – plus for all you lesbians and straight guys – there’s plenty of titillating & hot girl on girl action – it’s quite risqué – but that’s how showtime rolls (oh my gosh – i cannot wait for the second season of the tudors!)

i also have a copy of season #4 on DVD that i can toss out to one lucky popbytes reader! i’m making this real simple – the first person to email me at mk@popbytes.com with a good reason why they should win the DVD – i’ll mail it right over! below you’ll find the trailer for the new season and make sure to tune in tonight! (i finally broke down and subscribed to showtime a few months ago – it’s totally worth it) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

The fifth season opens with Shane derailing plans to move in with Paige, then suffering the consequences, while Jenny returns from a Mexican vacation with a billionaire movie financier in tow, and Phyllis has sudden doubts about the exclusivity of her romance with Joyce…