The Kardashians Hate Kourtney’s Hubby

The Kardashians Hate Kourtney’s Hubby
January 21, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

So for some reason, Kourtney Kardashian‘s boyfriend, Scott Disick, was never able to get along with the rest of her family. Noooo, you mean the angry guy who’s only dating her because she let him stick it in her without a rubber? Yeah, I’m as shocked as you are.

“There’s progress. Last year, in our Christmas card, Scott was not in it, Ryan Seacrest took his place,” Kardashian said, explaining that her mother chose a picture from Khloe’s wedding for the family Christmas picture. “Scott was like, ‘I wasn’t even in a wedding picture? No one asked me to even be in one?'”

“Now Khloe and Scott can be in the same room. Before they would be like, if Scott knew Khloe was going to be there, he wouldn’t come, if Khloe knew Scott was going to be there, she wouldn’t come,” Kourtney said..” So now they can be in the same room — they’re definitely not calling each other like, ‘I miss you so much, let’s talk,’ they don’t speak, but they’re civil.” SOURCE

Awww, you’re telling me that Patrick Bateman and Chewbacca don’t get along? What a pity.

Scott: Khloe, could you pass the gravy?

Khloe: (*Chucks an Ewok at him*) HGHAAAAAAAAAAGHGHG!

Scott: Dammit Khloe, I’m going to drop a chainsaw on you, I swear to God.