the gottis are back!

the gottis are back!
January 10, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

it’s still so wet here! i swear i’m dying without sun – it’s so my drug of choice – we need the sun! help! and craziness today – was out smoking on hollywood/orange – and this lady pulled up in a smoking caddy escalade – and then we saw flames – me and one of my very best friends – mr. bryan – told the guards to call 911 – the lady got out – the flames got bigger – the tires exploded! and then the firemen came and doused it all out – phew! it was flaming like crazy – i think some tourists thought it was a movie – alas all was fine in the end (that car is totalled for sure though) – but its crazy – rain – cars on fire – it’s too much! popbytes can’t bear it much more!

and it just so happens that aaron carter (younger brother to nick of now defunct and forgotten – ‘backstreet boys’) was just in a car fire situation – and guess what he was driving? oh an escalade – i smell a burning recall – and oh yeah new growing up gotti is tonight – i so need my victoria fix! this show is like watching a car on fire! popbytes wet and out!