the girls next door are back!

the girls next door are back!

oh those fun blonde girls holly, bridget, and kendra are back! you know those nice girls from next door…if you happen to live next to hugh hefner‘s playboy mansion in the hollywood hills! the three ladies who share girlfriend responsibilities for mr. hefner return for a second season of their reality show – we all must admit they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed but all are kinda endearing & sweet in their own ways! i especially adore bridget’s crazy cat gizmo – that is one insane pussy! so make sure to tune in this sunday over on E! for the second season of the girls next door – i was able to preview the premiere episode and i’m so glad they brought the girls back for another go round…holly is even considering having hugh’s baby – drama! anyways…popbytes over & out for tonight…thank heavens the week is over – time for me to relax! (just a little bit)

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this season brings an even more personal look into the lives of holly, bridget and kendra, kicking off with hef’s huge celebrity birthday bash, including names like the donald and ivanka trump, paris hilton, academy-award winners three 6 mafia, owen wilson and many more. the girls also spend time contemplating their life goals and careers, even convincing hef to let them take over the creative side of the september playboy cover shoot, a first for the magazine. and how will hef react when holly starts thinking about having a child with the 80-year-old icon?

life is always an adventure for hef and the girls, as this season takes viewers on a journey through europe with them, kicking up trouble in london, rome and the romantic french city of paris. there are always parties at the mansion, and this season is the playmate of the year luncheon, which holly turns into a slumber party, complete with gag gifts, “truth or dare” games and playmates. and to top off the season, the girls go to vegas for a blowout birthday extravaganza for kendra’s 21st!