cutest tabloid cover ever – shiloh vs suri

good morning! oh my goodness – in my almost five years of blogging here on popbytes (next month is my big anniversary) this has to be hands down the cutest tabloid cover ever – the latest STAR magazine is featuring a hollywood princess face-off between two of the most adorable hollywood babies (who are apparently living in totally different worlds) shiloh nouvel jolie-pitt and suri cruise – both of ‘em turned two-years old this past spring and are already being featured front & center on the cover of the gossip rags (what’s it going to be like when the girls turn 18?!?) forget team miley cyrus or team selena gomez – it’s all about about shiloh vs. suri! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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  • V

    Shiloh wins this battle hands down. At least she’s dressed like a 2 year old. She seems more normal and I think the fact that she’s one of six and Suri is an only child will greatly affect the brattiness factor. Suri seems like a case for nanny 911 and Shiloh seems sweet and gentle. I guess I’ve just always thought there was something creepy about Suri. I think it’s the death stare.

  • HS

    Shiloh wins. Suri looks like a spoiled little turd biscuit. I cannot stand spoiled little turd biscuits.

  • E

    They’re like mini Serena and Blair Waldorf from gossip girl!

  • B-Net

    This is not what their childhood should be; battling it out. I hope, fortunately, that they have no idea of what’s going on.

  • smash

    awww…i love them both…don’t make them fight – they’re going to be two beautiful girls…with lots of money.

  • Rox

    Suri wins, hands down. Shiloh just looks ‘special’.

  • lisa veronica

    shiloh wins!!!! shes adorable and seems so down to earth. and suri just seems creepy and dont forget who her parents are a pair of weirdos.

  • Herman Bumfudle

    they look like sisters to me.

  • Herman Bumfudle

    i’m evil and even sexually abusive. but i think shiloh vs suri is some really sick perverted shit.

  • belicoso

    as cute as they may be they still don’t belong on magazine covers. to think that adults are making income from this is sickening. what’s even worse is when the parents setup the coverage for their own financial gains sort of like how Larry Birkhead does. it’s a nice thought of the pitt-jolie team to donate their money to charity but allowing their children to have a photo shoot done is still somewhat irresponsible.

  • Josie

    I think Suri has been created in a paralel universe. She can’t play on a playground without cleaning it all… Shiloh lives, looks like a normal kid.
    Let’s bet who’s going to rehab first

  • Clare

    SURI SURI SURI all the way. Most beautiful child I have ever seen.

  • JnL04903

    Shiloh all the way! She’s the cutest little thing :)

  • Ashley S.

    EWWW! I understand that toddlers need to act like toddlers but I also think they should look clean and descent! WTF is that all over shiloh’s mouth and why is her dress dingy and she looks dirty and what the hell is wrong with her hair? does she have dirt in it? that’s like trailer park trash, Now see shiloh would be perfect if she were cleaner I understand liking to play and all but If I ever got back in the house from playing and I looked like that my mother would kill me. And if i ever lifted up my dress like that. I don’t care how young or old you are your parents need to teach you to have pride in how you look and to keep your dress DOWN not pull it UP!

  • Rose

    Suri is a beautiful little girl, also Shiloh, why people needs to put this 2 little girls in a fight when they even doesn t know to talk in a proper way? mean , would you like to see people comparing kids against yours? shame on you, for every father every kid it s beautiful no matter what.

  • mavic

    they are both cute and adorable but in just the age of 2 they’ve gone way too far..i mean both of them should be playing barbie dolls(or whatever celebrity children play). instead they were all around magazines, paparazzi, i even think they were already fond in flashes of cameras…not good idea in bringing up suri and shiloh in the battle of hollywood..T-T

  • Jess

    OMG you SO right! They r the perfect Serena and Blair *-*