the blow out continues…

the blow out continues…

This past episode was AWESOME! After running some errands I got home a bit past and missed like the
first 7min of the show – Thank the lord there’s always a repeat of the show on…phew!

Anyways…so annoying Brandon FINALLY gets fired – HA! Jonathan did a fashion show for Rock n
Republic. But Jen had to exclude herself because she is an animal activist and to tell you the
truth it was quite admirable, how she just flat out told Jonathan that she would not be able to
attend the show…knowing how pissed off Jonathan would get – You go girl! So back to the R&R
peeps. I was really annoyed because when the 2 peeps from R&R came into the salon they were asking
for one thing and when the stylists created that look…of course…now they wanted something
else!! Geez people make up your freakin’ mind! It was driving me nuts… just in like a short
period of time they had to go thru most of the models and re-vamp their hairstyles!

Needless to say the show was a hit! Although I can’t say that Alicia helped out much… She
thinks she’s some princess complaining about how her ‘things’ were moved…well listen up sister~
Jonathan can put his things where yours used to be anytime, I mean hello? He does pay your
paycheck…and that’s another things go OUT and GET yourself some Freakin’ clients!!! She is next
on my list to get the BOOT! Well that about wraps it up…

Oh and for all you peeps wondering the costs of getting your hair pampered by Jonathan…a whole
Whopping $400…Do you tip on top of that? Lets just call it even then at a half a thousand – To get a higher end stylist like Jason, it would cost somewhere in the region of

Save up your dollars! Let’s all get touched by the God of Hair?

C-Ya! Ms. Skimmers