The Royal Baby made his first public appearance!

The Royal Baby made his first public appearance!
July 23, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Kate Middleton and Prince William

EVERYONE FREAK OUT! Despite the fact that Kate Middleton and Prince William only had their royal baby boy about twenty-four hours ago, the couple decided to take him out for a public appearance today, whereupon everyone proceeded to explode with glee because ROYAL BABY! ROYAL BABY! ROYAL BABY! (Seriously, even I’m not immune to that little guy who is still yet to be named.) Conversely, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still treating their baby girl North West like a million dollar publicity stunt that can, and will, only be played when it’s most opportune for them. I’m not saying one strategy is inherently better than the other, but one of these kids is being raised by royalty while the other is being raised by Pee-Soaked Famewhore and Yeezus H. Photopuncher.

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