that’s not my wild name game thing

that’s not my wild name game thing
May 29, 2008 TEAM POPBYTES

good morning! any mashup that samples late drag legend divine is fine by me (pink flamingos is one of my top films of all-time) many thanks to DJ paul v. for continuing to bring us all some great mashes here on popbytes! right now i need to get my energy level up – tonight i’m going to see R.E.M. at the hollywood bowl which i’m sure will be great but it’s going to be a long ass day! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

PS i already know what the mashup is going to be next week and i promise you it’s a super hot one!

So, here’s a tip for you all: A band that is gonna blow up huge this year is the UK duo known as The Ting Tings. Sassy chick singer + cute guy drummer + mega hooks = the big time. Their current single was just in an iPod commercial, but their debut track is what really hooked me. It’s called That’s Not My Name – and LA’s Illuminoids decided to match them with some old-school 60’s pop, Peaches + Tone Loc, and even a little bit of drag legend Divine! It all makes for a nice ‘n kooky summer splash mash.

Listen to The Illuminoids – That’s Not My Wild Name Game Thing [.mp3 6.2mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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