that tequila bitch to ruin porn forever!

that tequila bitch to ruin porn forever!
August 11, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Because of course she will, That Tequila Bitch is apparently releasing a porn tape with Vivid Video, the people who have “leaked” other celebrities’ tapes. The bad news is that porn has pretty much been ruined forever now thanks to her. The good news is that blue movies are still safe, so I’d just like to take this opportunity to tell that poorly-tattooed MySpace hooker-midget to stay off my turf.

According to a source with inside information, the video was shot by Vivid Entertainment starring Tila and two other women – Penthouse Pet Lia Leah and Vivid star Charlie Laine. “The movie was filmed about a month ago in the Valley,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “It’s a lesbian three-way and was professionally shot and directed by Michael Bisko. SOURCE

Shocker. I’m honestly not sure who either of her co-stars are (nor do I really care), but I have to admit, I’m almost surprised that neither one of them is a donkey. For some reason, when I think “That Tequila Bitch Threeway Porn Tape”, I think of a donkey, a sad clown, a bunch of ping-pong balls and a kiddie pool full of methamphetamines and children’s tylenol. Consider me FLOORED.