That George Zimmerman vs. DMX boxing match isn’t happening

That George Zimmerman vs. DMX boxing match isn’t happening
February 10, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

DMX and George Zimmerman

Presumably, after the devil looked up from Hell and went, “Nope, that’s too much even by my standards. SHUT IT DOWN,” the boxing match between George Zimmerman and rapper DMX was canceled. The guy behind it, Damon Feldman went on Twitter to explain what exactly the hell happened with that whole thing…

I like how even he, the guy who organized the whole thing, was able to take a step back and realize how insanely terrible his idea was. I mean granted, it sure took him a while, and it kind of makes you wonder how he could have thought this was a good idea to begin with, but at least it’s over. Not that this will stop George’s thirst for violence against people who are different from him. He … hungers

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