October 14, 2003 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok this is terrible – but i must admit that i feel bad for jessica simpson – i dont think she is a very smart person – but she seems nice – gosh if nick ever divorced her – i think she would crumble! new episode of NEWLYWEDS airs tonight on MTV


sundays episode rocked – sharon stone is amazing on the show – and really i dont miss the other cast members – they havent even really mentioned them on the show – but heck who cares? james spader is awesome as well – god bless david e. kelley for saving this drama – and keeping it as fresh as ever!!!

oh my darling courtney love has been having some troubles lately – she knocked out some windows at beau jim barbers house in west hollywood – and then later had a 911 call to her beverly hills mansion – after an apparent drug overdose – and no one has been able to say which drug – gosh for those of you know me – i love her beyond anything – LIVE THROUGH THIS is easily one of the best albums of all time – her solo effort AMERICAS SWEETHEART has been pushed back from a nov release to february – to fine tune they claim – but they need to make sure love can stand up first – come on courntney – im rooting for you!

dont forget a new episode of JOE SCHMO airs tonight on SPIKE TV!