TelevisionBytes: The Real DC Housewives

TelevisionBytes: The Real DC Housewives
August 9, 2010 DAVE Q

The Real Housewives franchise expanded to yet another city this past week with the ladies of Washington DC finally getting their closeup. Trending more towards the affluent socialites of New York rather than the tacky suburban excess of New Jersey, the DC set seems poised to bring beltway WASPiness to primetime. Already there has been plenty of drama on screen, thanks to British cast member Cat, who unwittingly unleashed a barrage of racial awkwardness when she first attempted a borderline offensive impersonation of Tyra Banks and then followed up with a less than glowing assessment of Barack Obama — all while in the kitchen of a black household. Uncomfortable is an understatement.

Of course, all eyes will be on cast member Michaele Salahi, who made a nationwide splash when she and her husband Tareq were accused of crashing a White House function in late 2009. From what we can tell, the Bravo cameras were there to document the scandalous party foul, and whatever we don’t see we’ll surely hear retold countless times by all the other women on the show.

Surely one to relish the drama will be fellow housewife Lynda, who has already proven to be a vocal opponent of Michaele. Not only did she level accusations of an eating disorder at her rival, but when the two appeared on The View to promote the new series, Lynda declared that Tareq Salahi threw a drink at her. The claws are out, and with any luck, this DC cast will prove that politics ain’t got nothing on cattiness.

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