TelevisionBytes: The Next Food Network Star!

TelevisionBytes: The Next Food Network Star!
August 16, 2010 DAVE Q

After a ten week search that spanned the beaches of Venice, CA to the mean streets of New York City, the Food Network has now put all its eggs in the basket of one fortunate wannabe star. Yes, The Next Food Network Star crowned a new champion, which means that with any luck, network execs Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson will have a new superstar in their midst. Past results have been streaky, with some contestants moving on to fame and glory (Guy Fieri) and others to relative obscurity (Amy Finley).

Hopefully this season’s winner, Aarti Sequeira, will fall into the former category. The food blogger earned the coveted title of Next Food Network Star, which means she’ll have her very own series on the cable network, starting in just a few days. Just missing out on the honor were Herb Mesa and Tom Pizzica, who both put in a strong showing during the finale but ultimately proved to be too inconsistent (Herb) and unfocused (Tom) to bring home the big W.

Despite a frequently irritating lack of confidence, Aarti seemed fairly destined to win the competition. She maintained a distinct, ethnic culinary point of view, something sorely missing on the Food Network‘s current lineup. Plus, Aarti was camera friendly and likable, and according to the judges, her food was almost always terrific. The only question that remains is whether or not her angle of bringing Indian flavors to American cooking can last multiple seasons. Whatever. I’ll take whatever is on tap for Aarti Paarti over a Sandra Lee Kwanzaa cake any day!

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