TelevisionBytes: Houseguests, Chefs and Survivors!

TelevisionBytes: Houseguests, Chefs and Survivors!
September 13, 2010 DAVE Q

Labor Day has come and gone, which means it’s time for the summer shows to wrap up and the fall season to begin. CBS has an epic Wednesday in store for us with a super-sized two hour season finale for Big Brother 12. The summer staple has seen strong ratings in its eleventh year (!!), despite the fact that many consider the cast to be one of the weakest yet. With Enzo, Lane, and Hayden vying for the half million dollar prize, there should be some drama watching the contentious jury pick its winner.

Also wrapping up on Wednesday will be Top Chef: DC, which has flown its finalists out to Singapore to battle it out for the titular honor. Early front runner Angelo still is the odds on favorite, but Ed has been coming on exceedingly strong the past several episodes and might steal the win right out from under his rival’s nose. Of course, there’s also Kevin, the unassuming chef who has mysteriously waltzed into the final three also. There’s not much buzz around him (except that he complains every episode), but he could wind up being the dark horse.

While Top Chef and Big Brother wrap up, both CBS and Bravo have major premieres on Wednesday too. The granddaddy of all reality competitions, Survivor, returns after the BB finale to its new night (which was incidentally its original night). The new season will take place in Nicaragua and will not only pit young players against old, but will also feature former NFL coach and current commentator Jimmy Johnson. Clearly this will be a cast to keep an eye on.

As for Bravo, Wednesday night marks the premiere of Top Chef: Just Desserts, the spin-off program hosted by Gail Simmons that focuses solely on pastry chefs. According to Gail, the cast of the new show is not only remarkably different than any Top Chef cast, but also one of the most interesting groups of people. I suppose we’ll let the public be the judge of that, but one thing we can be sure of: we’ll probably be starving after each episode.


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