Screw Taylor Swift! Team Katy Perry all the way!

Screw Taylor Swift! Team Katy Perry all the way!
September 9, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

So apparently, Taylor Swift was talking to Rolling Stone about her upcoming new album 1989, and wouldn’t you know it one of the songs was about someone she hates. Except this time, it wasn’t an ex-boyfriend so much as it was another girl she hated. Progress? Naturally, the identity of this unnamed celebrity mean girl sent the web into full-on Nancy Drew mode. But please don’t fret anymore–because it’s Katy Perry. It was Katy this whole time. Us Weekly reports …

“Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…” Katy Perry, 29, tweeted without context on Tuesday, referencing the lead character and ultimate mean girl, played by Rachel McAdams, who faced off against Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, in the hit 2004 comedy Mean Girls.

Said artist is the subject of a song called “Bad Blood,” which is featured on Swift’s upcoming album, 1989. Explaining the song’s inspiration, she told Rolling Stone, “For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not. She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think, ‘Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?’… She did something so horrible. I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just straight-up enemies.’ And it wasn’t even about a guy! It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. And I’m surprisingly non-confrontational — you would not believe how much I hate conflict. It’s awkward, and I don’t like it.”

Wait wait wait, wasn’t the whole point of Mean Girls that women WEREN’T actually in constant competition? And that that was just a misconception forced on them to keep them in-fighting so that guys could continue to walk all over them? And that the moment they realized being needlessly cruel to each other wasn’t worth it, they were actually able to thrive and foster a supportive community? Because I feel like comparing this to Mean Girls might be missing, oh I don’t know, THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE MOVIE. Apologize to Tina Fey immediately, ladies. You have disappointed her.

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