tara reid – wild – oh crap!

tara reid – wild – oh crap!
August 10, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

so my good gal pal vanessa just said to me are you going to watch the new tara reid show on E!? – so i said gosh tara reid has her own show on E! – what the hell is going on?!?– so i raced over to eonline.com – and sure enough it’s all true – she is going to be the new host of the ‘wild on’ series that have been airing for way too long anyways – i simply refuse to watch it – shit she had a few terrible movies – is a total lush – plus i don’t even think she is cute! (unless you like putas) so tonight for once – i am telling you not to tune in – oh what is this world coming too – shame on E! – look at her smug face below – oh she irks me so bad!!! popbytes out for now – and please read some choice ‘idiot’ examples below of her silly Q/A on eonline…what a mess!

Backtracking a bit, how did you land this job in the first place?

It started with a meeting at E! We knew that we might want to do something together and someone brought up the new Wild On. I said that I wanted to revamp it. I don’t want it to be like party and spring break, like Girls Gone Wild. I want to show a different side of it, the historic side and the hidden treasures and the best food and the people. And that’s what this trip has been all about.

Now that you have a couple of countries under your belt, what’s the most important thing a world traveler always needs with them?

Oh, gosh. I don’t know. There’s not a thing. It’s not about that. You need good company. And you make good company along the way. It’s all about the people you meet. Oh, and a good camera to remember everything, because the pictures are priceless.

ps oh yes it’s always all about the pictures when it comes to tara reid…