tara reid has more to talk about…

tara reid has more to talk about…
October 12, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

than just her horrible plastic surgery nightmaretara reid is also promoting/pimping her new film incubus which will be the first time a film is being released for download by AOL RED starting on oct 31st! is this worse than straight to video or what? by the looks of the film it seems that tara now has two nightmares to deal with…that film looks hideously horrible just like her botched plastic surgery! poor thing will she ever get a break?!? popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

INCUBUS, the story of six teenagers who break into what they think is an abandoned factory to seek shelter. they quickly find themselves trapped and realize too late that they are not alone. suspended in a triple locked shatter proof clear cube attached to an observation room is a coma patient obviously being tested and experimented on. the bizarre sleeper and his horrific powers hold the key to their escape and ultimately their survival.

» watch the incubus trailer (.mov 6.3mb)