Have you ever been blinkwashed?

Virgin Mobile Blinkwashed

Well, if you've never been blinkwashed, you're about to be thanks to the very clever folks over at Virgin Mobile! They just released a new YouTube video (touting their super awesome money-saving no-contract plans) that actually changes every time you blink, it might sound crazy but it really works! You'll need a webcam to capture your blinks, and then let the magic happen as you get your very own unique video experience powered by simply MORE

Worst twerk fail ever / girl catches fire was a hoax!

Worst Twerk Fail Ever Jimmy Kimmel Hoax

I really have to hand it to Jimmy Kimmel for managing to pull off this hoax, of course I was fooled along with everyone else. The video of the girl catching fire after a major twerking fail (that has racked up almost ten million views on YouTube) was actually completely staged. Watch the video below where Jimmy unveils how it all went down on his late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. MORE

‘Willam’s Beatdown’ will sail us into the weekend!

Willam Belli

So my boyfriend is currently in NYC, which means I'm all by my lonesome, with only my puppy and the internet to keep me company, so here's the latest episode of Willam's Beatdown. I can't really cuddle it like I can cuddle the pups, but at the same time, I'm fairly confident Willam Belli would never pee on our bed or eat an entire box of tinfoil while we were out. Soooooooo, yeah, kind of a tie here. MORE

‘Willam’s Beatdown’ tops Courtney Stodden again!

Willam Belli

For the second week running, I was faced with the moral dilemma of choosing between posting a new episode of Willam's Beatdown or about Courtney Stodden being a meatloaf-faced troll hooker. Once again, I went with Willam's Beatdown, because the show is really funny and also because I don't hate myself enough to write about Courtney. Anyway, in the new episode, Willam Belli discusses stuff like what to do if you're born with tiny breastesses, how MORE

Catch the latest episode of ‘Willam’s Beatdown’

Willam Belli

Fun fact: Usually, the new episode of Willam's Beatdown comes out on Friday, right after I cut out for the weekend, which means I have to wait until Monday to post it because I mean really: Can you imagine if I posted sh!t during the weekends? That would almost be like work! (But it isn't ...) Anyway, I nearly posted a new video featuring Courtney Stodden in a ratty wig, but then I realized that a new episode of Beatdown was available and also MORE

Sequester, shmequester, here’s a new episode of ‘Willam’s Beatdown’

Willam Belli

What's that? Congress couldn't agree on a reasonable compromise to cut the federal budget in order to cut down on the deficit, and as such have been forced to swallow a political poison pill wherein massive across-the-boards cuts have been made to the public sector and the Pentagon, which economists believe will bring in one of the worst recessions since the housing bubble popped? (That's right, we can be political bitch. We watch The Daily Show MORE

Oscars, shmoscars, it’s time for Willam’s Beatdown!

Willam Belli

What's that? Anne Hathaway won an award for Best Supporting Actress? Meh. Whatever. Here's Willam Belli with another episode of Willam's Beatdown on The Stylish. Seriously, if Willam had been at the Oscars making sure no one showed up with a busted-ass paint job, maybe Renée Zellweger wouldn't have showed up with shiny make up and a face that hasn't moved since Cold Mountain. MORE

Catch the latest episode of ‘Willam’s Beatdown’

Willam Belli

All right, I get it: For you guys in America, it's Presidents' Day, which barely registers as a real holiday but you get a day off work for it so it kinda evens out. Or, if you're in Ontario, it's Family Day, which is a made-up holiday we co-opted Western Canada because February is a joyless frostpit and we need a three-day weekend in their somewhere. Either way, now's as good a time as any to catch up on Willam Belli's Willam's Beatdown, the new MORE

It’s Friday, so let’s just watch ‘Willam’s Beatdown’

Willam's Beatdown with Willam Belli

Okay, it's Friday, it's super dark and rainy out, my boyfriend's been on Cipro to get rid of a nasty sinus infection and has been throwing up like Linda Blair. So let's leave this crappy week behind and usher in the shining, shimmering splendor of the weekend with Willam's Beatdown, the new show from The Stylish where Willam Belli from RuPaul's Drag Race reads Youtube makeup artists for filth. Enjoy! MORE

Ask Pandora Boxx!

Pandora Boxx

Has there ever been something you always wanted to know about Pandora Boxx (of RuPaul's Drag Race fame), but were too afraid to ask? Like, what was it like to walk the runway in front of Kathy Griffin? How does it feel to keep winning Drag U? Potato chips?!?! Well, now you can! Pandora has started a new web series called Ask Pandora Boxx! where you can send her questions, and she'll answer them on her Youtube channel. Actually, while we're here, MORE

Real-Time Review: Courtney Stodden’s YouTube show

Episode 1 in the continuous YouTube series of Courtney Stodden's Countdown to her 18th birthday -- Watch her as she deals with a sprained foot injury. 135 days and counting ... 0:00 - Just so you all know, everyone who laughs at my pain? Dead to me. You hear me? DEAD LIKE LINCOLN!!! 0:10 - So the whole premise of the show is that it's a countdown to the moment Courtney Stodden is legally doable, which adds a whole new layer of creepy MORE