Oh hey, Joe Manganiello. Working out shirtless I see?

Joe Manganiello

A little while back, True Blood (starting up again this coming Sunday on HBO) star Joe Manganiello did a photo shoot for Men's Health UK magazine which ... good lawd, the man is unfairly handsome. Anyway, now they've released a behind the scenes video featuring plenty of Joe working out in various state of undress if you happen to be into that sort of thing. Which we are. Very much. MORE

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has huge legs!

Dwayne Johnson

Allow me to divulge a little here: For the past few months, I've been trying to pack on as much muscle as I can, and thanks to a daily regimen of exercise and what I can only describe as the most repugnant, vile-tasting protein shakes money can buy, I'm about three pounds away from my goal weight of 200 lbs. For 5'8, that's nothing to sneeze at, and most of it was in my legs, so I was feeling pretty good about myself. Until I saw Dwayne 'The MORE

Who’s This Heifer: The Kardashian Edition

Kim Kardashian

Is it fair to call Kim Kardashian fat? Because people are calling Kim fat. Sure, that's kind of mean or whatever. Since she's made a career flashing herself all over town it seems fair to comment on her appearance. She's always been curvy, which is great for the world and stuff, because female power. But seriously, she looks rather thick in recent photos that show the reality famewhore paddle boarding. Great workout by the way, in case you MORE

Kellan Lutz’s workout is insanely sexy!

Kellan Lutz

Just because he's insanely hot, and watching a hot man work out is always fun, here's actor Kellan Lutz working out and showing off his body, courtesy of TMZ. Oh, and FYI: The crap he does is fucking INSANE. Seriously, no normal human being could ever possibly pull this shit off. Mostly because most normal human beings don't have kick-ass ring-things like gymnasts have. And even if you did, where exactly are you going to hang them in your MORE