Willam presents: 7.5 reasons Ariana Grande is a diva!

Willam Belli

So apparently, Willam Belli got a gig with Hollyscoop, doing what she was meant to do: Read famous people for filth. She's doing the lord's work now. Anyway, for her first segment, she's talking about some of the shady stuff Ariana Grande's allegedly been up to, and -- actually, quick aside here. Ariana Grande: Does anyone else get the feeling that she's secretly a teenage version of Alexis Mateo? Because that high-pony is higher than nature or MORE

Willam, Alaska and Courtney Act for American Apparel

Willam, Alaska and Courtney Act for American Apparel

If you haven't already seen it, American Apparel recently launched a line of t-shirts featuring Willam Belli, Alaska (Thunderfuck) and Courtney Act - all alums from RuPaul's Drag Race. Obviously, this is a targeted ad campaign meant to make every gay boy and girl in the world cough up their wallets to Dov Charney but I don't care. DRAG QUEEN T-SHIRTS–YAY! Plus it also gave the girls an excuse to come together for a brand-new song, so this is MORE

Willam has a new episode of ‘This Is Not The Beatdown’

Willam Belli

Last summer, I made it a little tradition to close out every week with a new episode of Willam's Beatdown, because we think Drag Race alum Willam Belli is hysterically funny, and also because I'm lazy and I enjoy a well-established routine. Except then the series got cancelled when The Stylish went under, so she created Willam's This Is Not The Beatdown (aka Billium's Wheatdown) to try and keep it going. Well, two pieces of good news! Not only MORE

Willam Belli teaches us how to tuck … safely!

Willam Belli

Okay, real talk here: I'm deathly afraid of the idea of tucking. For a very good reason! One time, I accidentally hit my junk on a pole and ended up sending one of my jewels ... you know. Up there. It hurt like hell, and I ended up getting a wicked bad hernia ... it was awful. I got a scar on my stomach and I had to stay in the hospital for a week. Thankfully, we have free healthcare in Canada, but spending a week in a hospital with a catheter up MORE

RuPaul’s Drag Race Week: The Top Six “Girl Got Robbed!” moments!

RuPaul's Drag Race

Don't miss RuPaul's Drag Race Week! • The Top Six Comedy Performances! • The Top Ten Outfits Made On The Show! • The Top Six "Girl Got Robbed!" Moments! • The Top Six Most One-Sided Lip-Syncs! In the Internet Justice System the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The creators who actually create content, and the bloggers who needlessly debate them for the sake of a post. These are MORE

Catch the latest episode of Willam’s ‘This Is Not The Beatdown’

Willam Belli

Because it's Friday, and because everyone's still recovering from the holidays, and because I haven't eaten a carb or gram of fat since New Year's, let's just jump straight into the weekend with the latest episode of Willam Belli's This Is Not The Beatdown! Or is it Billam's Wheatdown? Honestly, it goes back and forth. Either way, I could watch Willam and her buddies Detox and Vicky Vox ride around in airplanes all day and not even complain one MORE

Video: Detox, Willam & Vicky Vox’s “That Christmas Song”

Detox, Willam & Vicky Vox "That Christmas Song"

Did you know there are only two weeks left until Christmas? Because AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH GAWD! I STILL NEED TO BUY MORE CRAP! AIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE! Well, calm your asses down, because the Detox, Willam Belli and Vicky Vox (collectively known as DWV) are here with a brand-new music video for their Christmas song, which is called ... "That Christmas Song" (iTunes). Appropriate. Anyway, the video literally has everything: sexy santas, ratchet strippers, MORE

RPDR Round-Up #3

RuPaul's Drag Race Round-Up

Hello, my lovelies! (Oh, wait, The Lovelies is what Game Grumps fans call themselves. What can I call my fans? ... Oh yeah, "No one.") Thanks for putting up with the sporadic posting this week while I was in Vegas. I promise things will go back to normal next week, because I'm staying home forever now. Although Vegas was fun. We ended up playing a Dolly Parton slot machine in the airport while waiting for our plane, and we won $100 off of the $5 MORE

RPDR Round-Up #2

RuPaul's Drag Race Round-Up

It's that time of week again, so yadda yadda yadda it's 5PM on a Friday and that means we get to cut off work. Anyway, a quick programming note here: My loving partner is hitting a milestone birthday next week, so to celebrate him turning [AGE REDACTED - Ed.], we're going to Las Vegas from Sunday until Thursday. I hate gambling as it is, so I'll try my damndest to keep updating, although given how unpredictable hotel wifi is I make no promises. MORE

#BlurredBynes: Detox, Willam and Vicky Vox!


I swore I was going to uphold my moratorium on all things Amanda Bynes, since the girl is going through some serious shit and I like to imagine that I have something bordering on a conscience, but oh who am I kidding; Detox, Willam and Vicky Vox will always take priority over everything. So here's their latest single, "#BlurredBynes," which if you can't tell is a parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." And that's all I'm going to say about this MORE

Close out the week with Pandora Boxx, Willam & Alyssa Edwards

Pandora Boxx

So this week can eat its own ass. Its own narrow, twerking ass. The narrow twerking ass that sent the web into a gawddamn tizzy and made every self-important blogger from every self-important blog launch head-up-ass first into a million gawddamn think pieces about how narrow twerking asses were trashy or slut-shaming or the end of civilization or culture-appropriating or the best thing to happen to MTV in years or blah and blah and blah. It's MORE

Willam teams up with Detox and Vicky Vox again

Willam, Detox and Vicky Vox

A brand-new episode of Willam Belli's web show This Is Not The Beatdown made its way onto Youtube over the weekend, which means we had to save it for today because I mean really: Can you imagine us having to work weekends? Ha ha ha NEVER. Anyway, this time around it features Willam performing with Detox and Vicky Vox at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, singing songs, taking phone calls, and going down on Boomer Banks. So yeah, that part is pretty MORE

Willam’s “This Is Not The Beat Down”

Willam Belli

It's been gawd damn forever since we've posted a new episode of Drag Race alum Willam Belli's web show Willam's Beatdown on this blog, mostly because a certain YouTube channel that shall remain nameless went under and robbed us of our precious Willam. But good news! She's finally back with new episodes of Beatdown! Asterisk! Okay, so it's not the old format where they put her up in front of a green screen while she reads bitches, but it does MORE

Willam & Davey Wavey: Drag Queen Glossary

Willam & Davey Wavey: Drag Queen Glossary

Because we're severely hard up for some Beatdown ever since The Stylish went down, here's a brand-new video from Willam Belli and cutie Youtuber Davey Wavey about the definitions of Drag Queen words. If you've ever wondered what fishy, kai kai, T, Shade, or X for Filth means, your questions have now been answered. Now someone please just give Willam her own show again before I go into complete withdrawal. I'm serious, I'm like ten minutes away MORE