whitney houston is like a ‘million dollar bill’

good morning! so yesterday was legendary diva whitney houston's 46th birthday and right now girlfriend has a lot to celebrate ... she's no longer a dirty crack whore ... she's not married to sketchy bobby brown anymore ... plus as a topper she's on the verge of her highly-anticipated and extremely long overdue comeback album i look to you which drops august 31st (just in time to make the cut for possible grammy nominations - pre-order it on MORE

whitney houston previews ‘i look to you’

oh my gosh! tonight i was so very fortunate to attend a listening party (complete with drinks and hors d'oeuvres) over at the beverly hilton for the brand new whitney houston album i look to you (her first album in seven years!) hosted by legendary music mogul clive davis and ms. houston herself! of course there were a bunch of stars in attendance including: jane fonda, halle berry, stevie wonder, brian mcknight, barry manilow, beverly johnson, MORE

whitney houston’s comeback album!

good evening boys & girls! when i woke up to this glorious news - i knew it was going to be a splendid day! finally we have an actual release date for whitney houston's long awaited (and delayed) comeback album - september 1st! (originally it was due last november) the album is still untitled but rumors are suggesting it will be called undefeated (i wonder if it will include the song like i never left?) after waiting for what seems like an MORE

what’s up with whitney houston and ray j.?

good morning! after the grammys the other night - whitney houston was spotted leaving with her on and off again boyfriend ray j. (brother of brandy, starred in the kim kardashian sex tape) i thought they were definitely over because he's got a new dating reality show called for the love of ray j. - if he's still with ms. houston - i guess he didn't find a new girlfriend via reality TV - or perhaps he's 'just friends' with whitney? it was awesome MORE

whitney houston – like i never left

i was just complaining to myself how there's nothing fun going on right now (i don't care to write about shia labeouf's late night accident and DUI arrest) but lo & behold a new whitney houston track has leaked onto the net called like i never left (thanks to marc malkin and E! online for the heads up) ms. houston (single & sober) has been super busy (hopefully) working on her much anticipated (at least for me...) new album due out this december MORE

whitney houston – ready to kick ass!

oh this just made my day! it's ms. whitney houston looking quite clean & sober at the 17th carousel of hope ball which took place last night in beverly hills! it's a semi-annual event that raises money for childhood diabetes - ms. houston was escorted by the ultra classy mr. clive davis who has been working with whitney since she was sixteen and now is leading her hopefully triumphant comeback! sometimes i have to ask myself 'did she really leave MORE

whitney is ‘fine’ – bobby ‘saddened’

bobby brown speaks! he told people magazine i'm really saddened by the whole situation - well he must be the only one! i'm still thrilled ms. whitney houston is finally ditching his ass and attempting to mount a comeback - she has gotta be fierce & right on the money - she has only one chance to do it right! below is a rockin' video from back in 2000 of whitney feelin' simply fine - i'd be putting my hands in the air too - woo hoo! popbytes over MORE

whitney divorcing bobby – hallelujah!

oh wow! this news makes my day - she must be off drugs because girlfriend whitney houston has finally set in motion the divorce from bobby brown which she should have done years ago! praise the lord people! damn this is so good - hopefully this one of the first big steps in an effort to turn around her trainwreck of a life & career! this is so good - i'm beside myself with sheer glee - you go girl!!! y'all know how much i love my gal whitney! MORE

happy 43rd b-day whitney houston!

today our lovable whitney houston turns 43! you must go read EW's popwatch getting all up in the 'hell to the no' action! who the hell knows what that ms. houston is (or isn't) doing for her birthday today but nonetheless we always love whitney! she is kinda an urban legend at this point so i hope we finally get some sorta update soon from whitney herself...popbytes over & out for now - xoo! MORE

nat’l we love you whitney day!

UPDATE 8:37PM hey kids - i just got back from the beach near san diego - the water was so warm and i totally got my relax on which i so needed and yes...i did think of whitney today! plus i just had a ms. houston coincidence...i headed over to ralphs on sunset to pick up some groceries...the song playing as i walked in the door was whitney's i'm your baby tonight! i was like oh my gosh...even ralphs loves whitney today! even though i was a little MORE

whitney houston lives!

hey everybody - gosh i'm so stoked it's friday night! i wanted to post this bit of whitney news during the week but i just didn't have time - so here goes! thanks to the always fab ms. natasha (hey girl!) over at young, black & fabulous it seems whitney houston was spotted recently at a west LA church and someone took some video of ms. houston in attendance - looks like her daughter bobbi christina is next to her in a black dress however i don't MORE

oprah invites whitney – no rsvp!

ah it's friday night! so what is popbytes up to at the moment...worrying about whitney houston AGAIN! this week the national enquirer is featuring a story that claims whitney has a brain tumor - yikes! her reps quickly denied the whole thing and are talking about the possibility of a lawsuit (funny how they didn't deny those cracked den photos...) - my pal tabloid whore covered the tumor rumor (that rhymes!) earlier this week...who knows what is MORE

whitney does rehab – thank heavens!

oh my goodness - what a wild day it was! i still can't believe tomkitten suri has actually arrived - it all feels so fucking surreal! i can't wait to see pics of the baby - we need to check her eyes! my head was spinning in about a million different pop directions today and one of those pop tangents included the news that whitney houston is back in rehab (there was even a plot to kidnap her into rehab! my dear dear partner-in-crime ms. tabloid MORE


ok since i still am not sure what to do to save our diva? i went ahead and purchased the domain name weloveyouwhitney.com - i am not sure what i am going to do with it - does anyone have any suggestions? a petition? like stop doing cracked (is whacked) kinda thing? i still don't know what we can really do except i will be post a lot on whitney - we must save her! - seriously it's such a shame! please leave any suggestions for what we can do with MORE